The school roof replacement project is nearing completion.

Isaac is preparing for the grand opening of the school building and has invited Past District 2011-2012 S. Rajendran to reside as chief guest for the April 14th opening ceremonies.  

Isaac is also planning to invite the local Rotary club leaders and members for this function.  

The photos you see reflect how close the project is to completion. Still on the to do is the white washing of the entire school, painting of the doors and windows, fixing of the rainwater harvesting pipes and other small items.   


School Roof

White Washing

Roof Tiles

On the issue of water, we have had some great news. As you’ve read here before our 2nd bore hole and water filter is providing the 1000 liters a day drinking water for the orphanage. Unfortunately that has not been enough for sanitary purposes. Isaac has been able to find land 2 km away that has ample water. He managed to get the land donated, bore hole dug, pumps and pipes hooked up, a water tank for transportation, a used generator and borrowed a tractor from a local farmer. The Rotary Club of Brighton has donated $1,200 in order to have poles and electricity brought on site. 

So after years of struggle, it looks as though their water problem has finally been solved. 

Water Tank & tractor

Water tank

Just to give you an idea on what children and Staff live on here is a breakdown of some of the labour costs:
  • 80 children: R20 per day .37 cdn
  • Cook & Helper R8500 per month: $157 cnd
  • 2 cleaners: R5000 per month: $92cdn
  • Farm help – 2 people R7000 month: $128cdn
  • Security: $R3000 month: $56 cdn
  • 3 teachers R10500 month: $194 cdn
Whatever money we have sent goes such a long way. Much of what we have done has provided hope and encouragement to a very small and desperately poor part of the world. 

Some pray, others answer. Cheers to the magic of Rotary and Rotarians who live the words "Service Above Self."