Greetings from Germany -- A Note from Outbound Exchange Student Kylie Santella!!
So this month has been pretty good. I had vacation for a week of school and stayed with a different family for a week it was very relaxing. I went to Berlin in this time. It was very cool. I have been spending a lot of time with my friends in the last month. 4 to 5 times a week I am hanging out with friends. I recently went to see a movie and shopping with a bunch of friends. It makes it all worth it having friends from such a different country. They all have different views but we share so many experiences it's really interesting how two people who lived in different countries they're whole life can have had the exact same experiences. 
In school I have a new private lesson German teacher. She's really good. At first I thought it would be terrible because the first lesson she made me name animals. But now we're learning grammar and other important things for the language. School is still otherwise quite boring. Not much to do. I have a lot of art lessons. But it's nice. 
My host family made an effort to be nice for a while and have since stopped making an effort however things aren't as bad with them as before and it's quite fine. I'll be switching in two weeks so it's not really a problem anymore. I'm looking forward to switching families. I already know the next family and they're very nice. The son is in my class. I actually got my plan till the end of the year. I have two more families and I know them both and they're both awesome. I'm looking forward to both. And Europe tour in 40 days. 
Liebe Grüße,
Kylie Santella