I have to admit that after 4 weeks in Los Cabos Mexico, our return to Canada was a shock. It was a wonderful vacation and now I am trying to resynchronize my brain. And of course the weather is different.

I have talked to a number of people since my return and it seems Bob Brownson did an excellent job in my absence. Congratulations Bob - it bodes well for next year.

April is a big month for us. Joanne, Kevin, Fran and the rest of the team have been very busy sorting the logistics for our Gala on the 12th. It is my favourite social event of the year and I have looked forward to it even before I joined Rotary. Excellent work to date organizing team. I ask each Rotarian to jump in to help where ever and when ever possible.

And just around the corner is the Blue Jays game on April 23th. Make sure you have touched base with Arch to ensure you or your significant other are not left out. The word seems to be that they will definitely play better this year!

It is good to be back!