The RI international Conference was held on June 23 to 26/13 in Lisbon Portugal. The majority of events were held at Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL). This facility was built for the for World Expo '98 and consists of a number of building. The FIL was well suited to facilitate a large group of people with a number of sessions. The conference was very well organized, well signed and helpful Sergeants-At-Arms and guides. The plenary sessions were very organized, timely and the entertainment was superb. Lisbon itself was impressive. The sidewalk cafes, unique architecture and of course the Portuguese people, all added to a memorable and pleasant stay. Of those who attended the conference, no one had a bad meal, a bad glass of wine or beer. Everyone accommodated our lack of Portuguese, French, and Spanish language skills and helped us with menus, directions and general information. Lisbon itself is very hilly but is an historic and beautiful city. The city has a number of small and large roundabouts, wild cab and scooter drivers and the unique ceramic sidewalks. Portugal (Lisbon) is one of those places in the world where you would like to return and experience further.

Terry Coyne

Rotary Club of Port Perry.

ed: If you attended the conference and wish to share your pictures, comments or experiences we'd be happy to post your thoughts on ClubRunner.