Rotary GALA – April 11, 2015 – Royal Ashburn Golf Club

The GALA is mere weeks away and planning is well under way.

ROTARIANS – we need your support for the following:

  • Sell dinner tickets – Michael Stewart is handling ticket sales

  • Secure auction items and deliver to Fowler home on April 1, 2 and 3 – times specified on donor receipt form included in your package

  • Vintage Wine Package – donate a bottle of your favourite wine to our Vintage Package – can bring it to a meeting or donate $20 and wine will be purchased – Mike Gaudet is in charge – deadline March 25

  • Lottery Ticket Tree – purchase some scratch and win tickets and bring to a meeting or donate $10 or $20 and tickets will be purchased for you – Kevin Wodzak in charge – deadline March 25

  • Basket Raffle – if you or your spouse is interested in putting a basket together using the themes provided in previous communications, please contact Emily McDonald as soon as possible.

Together and with your participation we can make this GALA another enjoyable and successful evening for all. Any questions, please call me at 905-985-8908 or email


Joanne Fowler
GALA Committee Chair