Cathy MacDonald joined us Wednesday, August 28th, for a interesting and energized presentation on her work with Archaeology and young people.   She leads and introduces young, might be, archaeology students into our past.  Cathy's student engage in digging, discovering, sleuthing, imagining and recording life and lifestyles of the early settlers and native people of Durham.  It was an impressive, hands on demonstration of how she engages young minds to combine activity based learning to encourage and build interest in our history.

She has developed several future archaeology professors and students whose first experiences came with Cathy.  Cathy outlined the many opportunities available in this field.  It is possible for her students to  pursue national and international projects.  Cathy brought with her, some interesting 800 year old treasures and weapons to share with us.  Items found in and around Durham.  It is amazing.Our early neighbours were truly inventive and refined.

Thank you for joining us Cathy, a truly inspirational talk.