An update from India: The orphanage hasn't had significant rain for 8 months's been tough to say the least.

Please see Isaac's email below that speaks to how important our jointly funded borehole, coupled with the water filter system Port Perry installed has been. We should all be very proud. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

During this dry spell it has been our bore hole has been the children's drinking water. It was a tiny amount of money with huge impact. 

The additional amount of water they require is purchased. I am very close to finding another $1,200 from other clubs to get electrical poles and hook up electricity for a larger water system that will replace the extra water they require. They have found money for land, a bore hole, pumps, pipes, and a truck. The bore hole system even has enough for extra water to grow some produce. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks again for the incredible things we do together.

Richard Gauder


Dear Richard,

Greetings to you all our friends in Port Perry Rotary Club, The bore well you sponsored for Cornerstone Orphanage needed some servicing and change of hose pipes that we replaced last two days ago.

We get 1000 litres of water every day for the childrens' RO machines that provides clean/safe drinking water for all 83 children + staff. Filters/membranes were changed for the two RO machines.

We spent about Rs.10000 in our India rupees towards these two works.

Thanks a lot for your help. The bore well even at this hottest and total dry season supply water to quench the thirst of the orphanage children.

Thanking you all for all you have been to DKSHA, Cornerstone Home in India