The End of an Era


Aquarama has been a large (and popular) fundraising project for the Rotary Club of Port Perry for 21 years. For about three years now there has been considerable discussion about the viability of Aquarama.  For the last 5 years the deteriorating conditions of Lake Scugog have resulted in fewer and fewer participants who are willing to be riders in this event.  The result has been that the funds raised by this event have dwindled considerably.


As all good things must come to an end, The Board of Directors, along with input from Club Members, decided to change tracks and End the Era of Aquarama. We thank all the community members that have contributed over the years to Aquarama. As a TRIBUTE to Aquarama, the Chairpersons, Rotary Members, and the Port Perry Community that worked on this project for over 21 years, a presentation has been created called "An Ode to Aquarama". Please click on the image below to open and view this special presentation!




A committee has been established in the goal of creating a new fundraising project to replace Aquarama on the same date and at the same location. If you have any thoughts or ideas on a new project, please contact Kevin Wodzak or Jim Jenkins.