To the Host Club and Families:
My name is Sol Ajis.  I am fifteen years old and would like to introduce myself to my future host club and family.
I was born in Rio Gallegos, Argentina which is a small town in southern Patagonia.  I live here with my mom Alejandra, my dad Fernando, my sister Azul, my dog Mati and my tutle Antonia.
In my free time I like meeting my friends and hanging out with them.  There isn’t much to do in my city but we always find ways to have a good time together!  I also like to watch movies and read but if I have to choose, I would rather socialize.
At present I am a student at Salesiano School where I take eleven subjects: Biology, Religious Education, Archeology, Physical Education, Physics, History, English, Literature, Math, Productive Processes and Chemistry.  I do not have the option to choose my classes in school.  I attend school at half past seven every morning and I leave at half past one on some days and others at noon.  During the week I do activities such as Pilates, attend English classes and my favorite activity which is Hockey!  I really enjoy playing and have done so since I am a child.
I would describe my home as warm, friendly, and open to receive friends at any time to enjoy meals and social activities.  My parents love to cook and barbecue.  It’s very common in our country to have a built in barbecue in the kitchen or “Quincho” barbecue room) where we roast whole lambs or cow meats.  Argentinians love to gather for barbecues.  I love to receive my friends at home.  It is located a few blocks from the school I go to.  Even though it is 7 blocks away, my parents drive me there every morning because the weather is cold in the morning to walk there.
When I do homework or read books, I like to do it in my bedroom that I have for myself.  I’m very independent and responsible with my school work and my practice of hockey.
One of my weaknesses is that I’m anxious and impatient.  I like to learn and get to set up goal quick.
My Mom Alejandra is a painter.  She loves to paint country scenes with pastels.  She also has a studio where she teaches to several students on a daily basis, as well as working at a school for kids with learning disabilities.  My dad Fernando manages the family farm.
Because of our location in the southern side of the world with a cold climate, the farming is not crop based but sheep and sometimes cattle, but this last one is more common in the central and north sides of Argentina.
The town that I live in, Rio Gallegos is the capital of the province of Santa Cruz.  It has 100,000 inhabitants.  The local government is the main employer for 50% of the population.  In my province you can find Glaciers on the Andes mountains on the west, penguins that come to have their offspring by the Atlantic ocean side on the southeast.  It is very windy and the weather is unpredictable.
During summer and winter school breaks, we like to spend our days on the farm or take trips.  We like to travel.  We love going to beaches and cities that have amusement parks such as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Orlando and Miami, Florida.  We also visit New York and cities in Uruguay and Chile.  This past July when I turned 15 years old, my parents sent me with a big group of “Quinceaneras” to a trip to Orlando, Miami and the Bahamas as my birthday gift.
It was an amazing experience!  As fas as college plans in the future, I’m going to move to Buenos Aires where the main universities are in Argentina.  This is very common for students that live in small cities away from the main capital of Argentina to migrate to Buenos Airs to attend college.
Kind regards